About Project For Real Science

What is the Project For Real Science?

The Project for Real Science is an exciting new initiative to rebuild the integrity of scientific research in Australia, with a special focus on the Great Barrier Reef.

Dr Peter Ridd, a former Professor of Physics at James Cook University, had first-hand experience of how the search for government funds and media headlines leads to bad science, and was sacked for bringing the truth to light. Dr Ridd will lead the Project for Real Science program to highlight and challenge problems in science that are well understood internationally, but denied and buried by Australian scientists and official bodies.

In the spirit of intellectual inquiry, young Australians will investigate the health of the Great Barrier Reef for themselves – and test it against the media narrative they otherwise consume.


The Projects In Detail

The Project for Real Science is an initiative of the Institute of Public Affairs, reflecting its commitment to free speech and to the scientific method.

Dr Ridd’s research program will highlight opportunities to restore integrity in science to address the replication crisis (half of peer-reviewed scientific reports and papers are likely to be wrong), improve quality assurance, and protect scientists being persecuted by their employers and government agencies for speaking out.

Headed by physicist, IPA Senior Fellow Dr Peter Ridd, the Project for Real Science encompasses four principal activities:

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